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Domain Name FAQs

There are many thoughts on this. Some people say shorter is better; this is evidenced by 1- and 2-letter domains selling for millions (if they are ever actually put up for sale). Obviously owning the exact spelling of your brand as a .com is the most common method, this is what a customer who knows who you are would type when trying to find you online. Alternatively, you can opt for a catchy, memorable domain that is easy to remember at a glance. You can also opt for a keyword-heavy domain to maximize SEO potential. Of course, there is no limit on how many domain names you can buy, so you could always use a combination of these approaches, too!

You have several options:

  1. Choose another domain name (or domain suffix)
  2. If the domain name you chose is for sale, consider buying it (or making an offer)
  3. If it is not for sale, consider making an unsolicited offer (but expect the demanded price to be sky-high!)
  4. If the domain in question is a registered trademark or other protected-use term, consult your legal counsel on your options for infringement resolution

Maybe! There are lots of reason to have multiple domain names:

  • Track offline marketing efforts from various places
  • Use keyword-heavy domains to boost search relevance
  • Prevent your competition¬†from owning keyword-heavy domains
  • Shorter-to-type versions for use in email addresses or manual typing
  • Various mis-spellings of your primary domain to prevent others from taking your traffic
  • Multi-suffix variants of the same domain for brand protection (ie:,,
There are now more domain domain name suffixes (called Top-Level Domains or (TLDs) than ever - no longer are you restricted to .com, .net, ,.org! Check out the exhaustive list over at!