Every company needs a brand. Something to set them apart. A logo is key to the branding process and market recognition. The BMK Media graphics team will work with you to make sure your logo represents your company in a professional manner. 

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Graphic Design FAQs

Our design team is experienced in designing custom logos. You can see some of our featured samples on our logo page.

We can take your concept - a sketch on a napkin, a rough outline from a graphics program, or just a verbal description - and re-imagine it into a professional, high-resolution graphic suitable for use on business cards, websites, signage, business carts or any other medium.

The turnaround time for logos depends on the client and the complexity. Normally, with full cooperation and instruction from the client, we can turn around a selection of designs within 1 week. 

BMK Media has designed business cards for a number of clients. Click here to view some of our sample designs. Click the Free Quote button at the top right of your screen, or give us a call at (954) 818-2010 we can get started asap!

Spot gloss allows you to put gloss coating on some parts of the cards while leaving other parts uncoated. For instance, you are able to apply glossy coating to a company logo, and leave the rest of the card in a matte finish. Spot gloss is defined per side of a card. It is a 1 bit (2 colors black and white) tiff file. Black pixels correspond to coated regions. You need to make the Spot gloss file fit our file specs.

Standard delivery times are within 5-9 business days, depending on the options you select. We can ship them right to your office for a small fee, or deliver them personally as our delivery schedule allows.

We also offer Ultra-Rush Options - Approve your design by 7:30pm EST today and get it delivered tomorrow!

We can design anything to meet your needs. Some ideas are: brochures, fliers, palm cards, slide show images, advertisements, etc.